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BBF at IBRC 2022

Meike Mai

Sep 1, 2022

BBF launch at International Bat Research Conference 2022 in Austin, Texas

This year marked the exciting launch of the Bat Biology Foundation (BBF), and we were thrilled to make our debut at the International Bat Research Conference 2022 in Austin, Texas.

This event was our first official engagement as the BBF, providing us with the opportunity to connect with the bat research community. We couldn't have asked for a more better beginning.

The announcement of BBF's launch was made during a workshop hosted by our close partner, the Bat1K genome consortium. The experience of meeting fellow bat enthusiasts and professionals was truly inspiring and we are happy to be part of the community.

We are eagerly looking forward to fostering these new relationships and continuing our collaboration within the community.

Thank you to everyone who made our first conference so memorable. We are hopeful and excited for future encounters and the chance to meet even more members of the bat research community soon!

Breathtaking visit to Bracken Cave, San Antonio, Texas. See all the bats emerging in the background?

Emma Teeling and Nili Leffers enjoying the view

BBF presenting how we are sequencing and assembling bat genomes

BBF swag! We brought this for you :)

We had a BBF Happy Hour here! Thanks everyone for joining!

Beautiful Austin

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